Wrap is India’s first contemporary luxury and lifestyle brand established on socially and environmentally sustainable principles. Wrap was founded by Gunjan Gupta in New Delhi in 2006 in response to the absence of internationally relevant Indian product design that explored the potential of luxury handcraft. Wrap seeks to revive and invigorate India’s traditional crafts, positioning them at the heart of the contemporary home.

Wrap has exhibited widely at trade fairs across the world including a special show at Sotheby’s in London and has collaborated on special design commissions with Droog Design in Amsterdam and with Swarovski in Paris.

Gunjan is a Masters Graduate in Furniture Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London. Her efforts in repositioning the ‘Made in India’ brand internationally have won her global recognition that includes several Elle Decor International Design Awards and British Council’s YCE finalist role in 2007. She has curated the India design exhibition at the Experimenta Design Biennale, Lisbon in 2009.

The Dining Throne exemplifies the brand’s vision launched by Gunjan Gupta at 100% Design, London in 2006 to critical success. It is India’s first globally recognised luxury product design that marries a traditional Indian craft on the verge of obsolescence with contemporary design for an International luxury market. The Wrap philosophy of sustainable luxury is a mix of austerity and audacity, restraint and abundance. The designs are at once sculptural and cultural with superlative qualities of handcraft that have become integral to the Wrap design identity. The Wrap Collection of Gold and Silver Thrones was showcased at the Cheongju Craft Biennale in 2009 in the company of the world’s most famous examples of contemporary craft in the 21st Century.

Unlike art, textiles and sculpture, India has a relatively nascent history of Product and Furniture Design that has posed several challenges for its growth and prevented India from gaining a respectful position within the global lifestyle industry. Wrap has been a strong advocate of innovative design and sustainability of craft skills since its inception and having recently established its first production centre in New Delhi, a space dedicated to artisanal skills development alongside a unique design gallery, the company is committed to meet this challenge. Gunjan and her team of design professionals are focussed on the commercialisation of Wrap’s existing collections and expanding the company’s vision to include India’s first interior design service that combines a client’s vision with its own philosophy of culturally led design.

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